Gravity Detector
Development and testing

We are pleased to announce the successful testing of our prototype Gravity Detector. Created here at the ASCG labs by two Society researchers, Mr. Randall Munroe and Mr. David Goodell, it allows one to determine with a glance whether or not gravity is present in an area.


Here we conclusively demonstrate that the detector does indeed exhibit "weight".

Mr. Goodell examines the Detector and confirms that it is firmly attracted to the ground. We are now ready to test the Detector in the field.

Until this point, the Detector had revealed a consistent, steady supply of gravity. However, in a hallway, we discovered a region of insufficient gravity.

Passerby were, of course, astonished.

This was a frightening discovery, and suggests that the loss of gravity is more rampant than we at first suspected. It is therefore urgent that you help spread the word about gravity conservation and the threat that faces our most precious terrestrial resource.

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