The American Society for the Conservation of Gravity

Founder: Darwin Randall Crum (1931-1999)
Chairman: Darlyne Olimb Crum
Vice Chairman and site maintainer: Randall Munroe

Darwin Crum
Take this simple Gravity Quotient Test. If you answer YES to three or more questions, you probably have a gravity problem and should seek our guidance.

  1. Do you own or use a pop-up toaster?
  2. Do you often ride elevators?
  3. Have you ridden in an airplane within the last 36 months?
  4. As a child, did you own a yo-yo?
  5. Have you ever used a pogo stick?
  6. Did your parents describe you as a "bouncing baby girl/boy"?
  7. Is the quotient of your weight in pounds divided by your height in inches more than 1.8?
  8. Is your sense of humor reasonably well honed?
  9. Have there been episodes in your life in which you used gravity without thinking about it?
  10. Do you have ten dollars?

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